Titan Ten Point Crossbow Raffle

Raffle will be concluded after 150 tickets are sold. Tickets are 10.00 a piece and you do not need to be present to win. Bow includes hard case, arrows, and some broad heads. Estimated value is around a thousand dollars. Tickets available at post canteen.

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VA suicide counselors’ work ethic questioned, report says

Wearing unearned medal can be a crime; free-speech

Lying about receiving a military medal is constitutionally protected, but there’s no right to carry the lie a step further by wearing a combat decoration that hasn’t been earned, a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

Take your VFW Post back,

"Take your VFW Post back, one bar stool at a time." - Brian Duffy I am very proud of the above quote. All JVC take very serious notice that this is what I fully support.